Early PBC FamilyIn 1966, while still a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Tom Constable and his wife Mary moved to Plano, Texas, with the vision of starting a Bible-centered church. Plano Bible Chapel began quietly as a small bible study that started in the summer of 1968. This study consisted of six families who lived in Plano. Five of these families attended Believer's Chapel in Dallas, and wished to attend church closer to their homes. Two of the six charter families are still members of our congregation. This bible study continued through the winter of 1967, when they moved to Jim and Sherry Lewis' living room.

In the summer of 1968 the group moved into a building at 612 16th Street in Plano. This building was renovated by the members of this new and growing church. A house next door was rented for the Bouchillon family to live in, and it was used to house Sunday School classes. Due to steady growth over the next four years, it became necessary to find a larger, more permanent home. A man named Lawson Ridgeway, who was President of Centennial Construction Co. and on the Board at Dallas Theological Seminary, owned a tract of land which he was developing into housing. He was a Christian, and he desired that a church would be a part of the landscape. He was able to make a fair deal with the members of Plano Bible Chapel, and the first part of what is the current site of PBC was developed. Continued growth led to the addition of a new Auditorium in 1985 and a preschool building in 1992.

Tom Constable and Jim Lewis became the first two elders of Plano Bible Chapel. For the first 12 years of the church’s history, the elders were responsible for the teaching during the Sunday morning Worship Service. During Dr. Constable’s long career on the faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he served as Chair and Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, he also served Plano Bible Chapel as our longest serving elder. In 1980, Jim Lewis began to serve as full-time pastor. As the pastoral staff grew, Jim Lewis assumed the role of Senior Pastor and continued to do the majority of the preaching until his retirement in June of 2002. In 1988, Robert Matthews joined the staff as our Associate Pastor until he retired in 2013. Larry Murray was called to serve as the new Lead Pastor in February, 2004.  Cord Miller was called as our Pastor of Student Ministries in July 2015.

For over 45 years, Plano Bible Chapel has grown in its membership, its ministries, and its impact for Christ both locally and around the world. We are a church that has been uniquely blessed by God. We stand in awe of God’s marvelous grace and His unchanging faithfulness over the years. Without question, these are critical days in our world, but we believe the greatest days of opportunity for us as a church are yet to come. The mission of Plano Bible Chapel is to worship God, learn His Word together, and to see people changed forever.