The Deacons at PBC are the official servants of our church under the authority of Jesus Christ who is the Messiah, and are under the authority of the Elder board. The Deacons' honorable position includes taking care of the physical needs of the church, its equipment, and its property, administering the finances of the church, and ministering to the physical and material needs of members.

The 2017 Deacons are:

  • Nathan Boe - Ushers/Greeters
  • Harry Blackmon - Ext. Maintenance, Finance
  • Tom Castro - Secretary, Int. Maint.
  • John Draper
  • Jorge Hernandez - Spanish Ministry Support
  • Bill Jackson
  • Mike Kerns
  • Marc Lewis - Treasurer
  • Gregg McKenzie - Technology
  • James Wallace - Vice Chair, Finance, Service Prep


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