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ACTS: The Secret of Success

In 1996 Yasuko Namba, a 46-year-old Japanese FedEx employee with a passion for climbing, had one last mountain to conquer -- Mt. Everest. She pushed extremely hard to accomplish her goal as the oldest person ever to make it to the highest point in the world. Just a few hours later, however, Yasuko and a number of other climbers were caught in a terrible blizzard. And as the icy winds blew, Yasuko succumbed to the exhaustion of her climb and froze to death. She died agonizingly close in time and location to where she had gained her greatest prize. Yasuko's fatal flaw was that she adopted the wrong goal. Successful climbers know that the goal is not to get to the top—it is to get back down to the bottom.

What is your goal in life? How do you evaluate success? How will you know if you’re successful…in Business? School? Athletics? Music? Politics? How do you evaluate success in LIFE? Most successes are usually measured quantitatively by people. But success in life with God is evaluated, not by measurable achievements, but by personal faith. In Acts 20:1-38, we see the secret of Paul’s success before God: faithfulness.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 11.12.2017

Selling Jesus

How can we have a mindset that “sells” Jesus to our community? There is a need for evangelism that requires a delivery and message that reaches people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Guest Speaker Stephen Tan leads us through 3 sequential events recorded in Luke 5:12-32 that helps us have a mindset of sharing the Gospel.

sermon by: Stephen Tan
date: 11.05.2017

ACTS: Dealing with Discouragement

While some days are worse than others, we all go through times when we’re feeling down. Discouragement in life and in ministry is a part of our human experience. It isn’t just a spiritual problem, it’s a human condition.

In Acts 18:1-17, Luke tells us that Paul departed from Athens alone, never to return, bound for Corinth after many weeks of travel, ministry and troubles. His back was probably not yet completely healed from the beating he and Silas received in Philippi (Acts 16:22-24). Paul would have had plenty of reasons to wonder, while walking the 53 miles from Athens, “Why am I doing this?” Like us, even the apostle Paul might have wondered, “Am I even making a difference?”

Corinth was a low point in Paul's life physically, emotionally, and even financially. But God knew Paul’s needs just as He knows our needs - He provides encouragement as we walk with Him by faith.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 10.29.2017

ACTS: The Reason for God

Like the intellectuals of Athens (Acts 17:16-34), we’ve got a checklist of expectations that God must meet. In other words, Americans worship our own happiness. In the meantime, we’ve reduced God from the Sovereign Creator and Lord of the universe to a servant who’s supposed to fulfill our own personal agenda.  So when our friends get cancer, our kids don’t turn out right, we lose our jobs, and we don’t have marital bliss, we have words with God. “What’s the deal, Lord?!? I go to church regularly, I serve, I pray, I give… where are You?” We’ve melted God down into a modern-day golden calf. We’ve reduced God into a dispenser of personal peace, prosperity, and happiness.

The Bible explains to us that the philosophies of this world lead to lives of emptiness and deceit, but the reality of God leads to a fulfilling relationship with Him. God is present. He is active. He is in control. But He also gives us freedom to choose life with Him or without Him. The choice is up to you, but the consequences are not.

sermon by: Larry Murray
date: 10.22.2017

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